Why You Should Quit Your Job to Upgrade Your Career
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Why You Should Quit Your Job to Upgrade Your Career

Why You Should Quit Your Job to Upgrade Your Career

“Of this, be sure: you do not find the happy life, you make it.”


This sentiment accompanied my career break announcement in August of 2016. Quitting my job allowed me to take a step away from the daily grind and reflect on what I truly wanted for my career and life. Allow me to share a few of the reasons why taking a career break could be the missing link to your career journey.


Because Naps.


I mean, does this really need an explanation?

The first week or two of my career break was focused primarily on two things – working out and naps. To be totally candid, I was simply exhausted and I needed the downtime to recharge.

I’m proud to say that I was quite successful at the job that I left. The tradeoff was my emotional and physical energy. Having some extra time to rest was a luxury I will never take for granted.




During my break, I also completed my third half marathon.

I really wish that I could say I “ran” my third half marathon, but that wouldn’t be entirely true, so let’s stick with “completed”!


Training properly for such an event takes a lot of time, patience and dedication. Being on career break meant that I could do my long runs mid morning if I wanted to and yoga in the afternoon to recover.


I’ve been able to focus on my fitness in a whole new way. I wasn’t forced to choose between CrossFit, cycling, yoga and running. I had time to do them all! I’m more fit and as a bonus, I’ve strengthened the belief in my ability to succeed in lots of different situations which also supports my work as a coach!


Focus on Experiences Instead of Stuff


Throughout my career, I’ve had a habit of buying things to appease my boredom. Or, I’d go shopping as a reward for a stressful work week. Can you relate?


My strict career break budget meant those were no longer options. I’ve realized that having experiences is way more important that having stuff that I don’t need. I may as well take my new purchases straight to the Goodwill, because that’s where they end up!


My niece came to visit from Nebraska for nearly two weeks and I was able spend lots of time with her, and actually be present; undistracted by what was going on at the office.

I’m positive I would have asked her to limit her visit to a long weekend had I still been at my job. Seeing my niece get her first ever surfing lesson in the Gulf of Mexico: priceless!


Walk Your Talk!


As a coach who loves encouraging my clients to be courageous and live their values, it’s critically important that I walk my talk!


As a coach and leader, I only ask of others, what I’m willing to do myself.

Intentionally walking away from a successful career in order to reignite my passion for life is a bold move that forced me out of my comfort zone. Despite the discomfort, I kept my sights set on my why:

I did it to:

  •   Stretch myself as a professional
  •   Focus on my fitness
  •   Find my ideal career
  •   Be fulfilled 


If only I had a dollar for every person who said to me they’d love to take a career break as well. With some careful planning and commitment, you can too! Sometimes, you have to slow down to speed up. 


How would a career break upgrade your life?

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